I’m Jodie SALT

Assertiveness Coach with a twist!

Work  With  Me

V.I.P. One-to-One Coaching

If you have a very specific goal that you want to achieve and you want results quickly, then the VIP option is most suited for you. 

[12 Week] Assertiveness Course

A group training & coaching programme with just 3 intakes a year – January, May & September.

Assertiveness Masterclass

Each month I hold an assertiveness masterclass in Manchester. These are 1 day, in person, intensive workshops hosted in a fantastic venue with a fabulous lunch and conclude with a drink reception.

Assertiveness Accelerator

if you’re looking for a high impact injection or boost to accelerate your progress with an action plan, get you set for a job interview or prepare for a presentation then an acceleration session might be just what you need. 

Ladies Life Lounge (Members Club)

For less than 1 pound a day you can access over 50 different learning modules that include assertiveness as well as lots of other aspects of what it takes for women to live happy, fulfilled and successful lives! 

My Work Ethic and Kick Ass Values


Before you make the leap to spend some time, or indeed your money with me, you might want to know if I’m the right kind of woman for you.  I’m driven by some very simple, yet extremely strong values. If you share a similar kind of view to me then I reckon it’ll be pretty peachy. You’ll smash it and totally love the experience.

My Kick Ass Values:


I don’t do messing about, excuses or blaming other people/things. There’s no room for playing the victim. I go by the mantra: “let’s have it!”


I don’t believe in perfection therefore you’ll never hear me claim to be perfect. I’m open about myself and experiences. It’s important to me that you give a bit of yourself away. It’s ok to make yourself vulnerable sometimes.


I judge each days success and achievement by two things – how much did I laugh, and how much love fills the air?


The day will usually begin with an early morning HIIT session, a protein rich brekkie, and end with a glass of fizz or gin.


At a time when trust in the universe is at an all time low, I believe it’s my competitive advantage. I’m a woman of great character and highly competent at what I do, so you’re in safe hands. I will look after you (although there might be a bit of tough love in there to get you what you want at times). Equally, I’m choosy who I surround myself with. Only the best will do!

How  I  Work: 

First and foremost: it will be bloody good fun!

I’m frank and don’t beat about the bush – no sugar coating.

I don’t mess about – excuses, blaming someone else or waiting and hoping, will not be tolerated!

That said, I'm kind, I will give a shit about you and I will not let you fail.

I’m quite partial to laughing at myself and expect you to be able to do the same.

I am not pink and fluffy, nor am I the tree hugging kind.

You can expect grown up, adult conversation, although if it involves alcohol, and is after 4pm, it might get a tad on the silly side.

I’m a doer, not talker. My job is to help you take action so expect to get stuck in. There will be no sitting around drinking coffee, eating cake, and talking about it. We rock the shit out of it then sit down, drink something worth drinking, and marvel at how pretty awesome we are!!!

Oh, and did I mention…it will be bloody good fun!!

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